Body warming pads supply hours of warmth and comfort to combat the cold weather

Has the shift in seasons taken you by surprise?As we all adapt to the chill in the air, are you finding it difficult to keep warm in freezing cold, damp weather? If so, you are not alone as many people struggle to keep warm. Designed to warm the parts of your body that feel the chill the most, discrete warming body pads from AFV Group can give you hours of warmth and comfort.

DESIGNED FOR PORTABILITY: Take with you wherever you go. These top-rated 100% recyclable pads deliver a quick source of warmth to cold hands, feets and other body parts like shoulders and lower backs, provide a soothing effect to relieve tension to aching muscles while you're on the move.
– Unisex hand, feet and body warmers
– Stay cosy for upto 8-10 hours
– Made with 100% recyclable and natural materials: Iron powder, activated charcoal, vermiculite, water and salt
– Easy to activate with clear instructions

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DISCREET: Use on various part of your body to provide calming and optimal warmth for the outdoors. Not just for mountaineers, ramblers, cyclists and sports enthusiasts or spectators, these warmers also serve:
– Anyone who suffers from the cold/poor blood circulation
– Commuters waiting at bus stops and train stations (not everyone can work from home)
– Busy delivery drivers
– Night shift workers such as reliable cleaning staff
– Attentive security guards
– Diligent warehouse workers
– Hard working hospital staff and the police.

PREPARE NOW: Stay warm in the cold. We know how numb toes and freezing cold fingers can inhibit your freedom to enjoy a day or night out. Use your warmers with ease and comfort wherever you go for warmth. Place your order now!

  • \\\BEST SELLER///
    HAND WARMERS: £1.50 a pair
  • Use in gloves or place in pockets.

  • BODY WARMER: £2.00
  • May be used over shoulders, lower back or abdomen.

  • FOOT WARMERS: (Med / UK size 6-9): £2.50 a pair

  • FOOT WARMERS: (Lrg /UK size 10-11): £2.50 a pair

  • NON UK ORDERS: Please email your requirements to enquiries[at]